Making a home-made butterscotch custard pie can be quite challenging. It is not as easy as merely mixing and baking all the ingredients in a bowl. It requires patience to watch everything come together. That being said, satisfying your butterscotch cravings requires a lot of hard work. But for vapers, The Custard Shoppe has found the perfect recipe to satiate your needs.

Now, picture yourself enjoying a nice decadent butterscotch custard pie from the town’s finest bakery. But again instead of eating it, you are vaping it. Well, that is the kind of flavor you will get from The Custard Shoppe Butterscotch e-juice. Read my review on how its exquisite taste can make your taste buds go nuts.

 “Butterscotch by The Custard Shoppe E-Liquid is a freshly baked, delectable and delicious custard pie drizzled with butterscotch. The Custard Shoppe is brought to you by the makers of Jam Monster E-JUICE, so you know that these flavors will taste great all day long.”

For pastry lovers out there, you will definitely enjoy the complexity and balance this premium vape juice has to offer. You will be amazed at how close its flavor is to a real butterscotch custard pie. The decadent taste of butterscotch pie topped with whipped cream and caramel glaze is absolutely spot-on. From the instant you start vaping this, you will start to ask yourself why you did not find this much sooner.

On the inhale, Butterscotch vape juice will delight your taste buds with a sugary and slightly savory butterscotch taste. Then the exhale carries a velvety and rich vanilla taste that will take all over your palate, satisfying every butterscotch craving you ever had. You will experience a smooth, creamy, and sugary taste on both the inhale and exhale with this blend.

The sweetness of this e-juice is just right it won’t leave your throat feeling scratchy and all. The Custard Shoppe really did an awesome job infusing this vape juice with a butterscotch flavor layered over their signature custard blend. Its rich flavor will send your taste buds to heaven.

With a base of 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol, you can be sure this baby blows huge and thick vape clouds that linger in the air. What’s more, it has a great vapor production with a nice and smooth throat hit. No nose tingling sensations, throat-burning feelings, or even fits of coughing.

Packaging-wise, The Custard Shoppe flaunts a classic-looking design. The 100-mL gorilla bottle bears an image of a chef holding a plate with a piece of butterscotch custard pie. The way I look at it, his smirk seems to be inviting you to try it. Wrapped around the bottle is a mustard-colored label. This label contains relevant product information such as the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine level, VG/PG ratio, and the usual warnings.  The bottle is equipped with a child-resistant cap, making it safe to be around with kids. It also has a narrow drip tip so you can easily transfer the e-liquid into any dripper or atomizer.

Butterscotch e-juice comes in three nicotine strengths. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg level suits vapers who are practicing or mastering their vaping skills. It is also recommended for those who are trying to cut their nicotine consumption but have oral fixations to satisfy. Meanwhile, both the 3 mg and 6 mg levels offer a pleasantly mild nicotine kick with full-bodied flavor. If you are a newbie, please see to it that you get the right nicotine level for you to get an ultimate vaping experience.

Overall, Jam Monster Liquids has done a pretty nice job in its custard lineup. The Custard Shoppe captured both the taste buds and hearts of every custard vaper out there. Before I forget, you can grab your own 100-mL Butterscotch e-liquid bottle at Ultimate Vape Deals for as low as $12.99 only. But if you are up for some more custard concoctions, I suggest you buy The Custard Shoppe 300ML Bundle for only $39.99. This pack consists of three flavors, including Butterscotch Custard Pie, Blackberry Custard Pie, and Raspberry Custard Pie.