Charlie Chalk Dust makes some of the best e-liquid flavors on the market today. The company has different e-liquid lines with various flavors. Stumps 1960 Pops stands out with its deliciously sweet and sour melon flavor. This is an e-juice that is very refreshing. It is great for a very hot day, or anytime you are craving for melon flavor.

Flavor Description

Stumps 1960 Pops is described as a sweet and sour melon gummy candy e-juice. The dominant flavor that you get when vaping this e-liquid is that of honeydew melon. The taste is somewhat light – just as you expect a melon vape to be. The flavor is not too weak, but neither is it strong.

You get the flavor of honeydew melon on the inhale and exhale. The sour flavor in this e-juice is barely noticeable, but you can taste the sweetness. However, it is not overly sweet. It certainly is a delicious vape juice. I can vape it two or three times during the week, but it might be an all day vape for you.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Stumps 1960 Pops by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is 70/30. The e-juice seems quite light for a 70vg blend. There are no issues vaping this e-liquid with a tank or dripper. Also, it is easy on coils.

The vapor production of Stumps 1960 Pops is excellent. It gives you exactly the type of clouds that you expect from a MAX VG blend. The clouds are thick and linger in the air.

Nicotine Strength

Charlie Chalk Dust’s Stumps 1960 Pops e-liquid is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. The vape juice is very smooth, and you can hardly feel any throat hit when vaping it.  You will get a mild tingling in the throat when vaping the version of this e-juice with 6 mg of nicotine, but the vape remains smooth and nice.

Nicotine strength levels are measured as low, medium, and strong. A low level of nicotine strength is about similar to that provided by 0 mg and 6 mg. Medium level is between 8 mg -12 mg. Anything higher is considered strong.

You can purchase additional nicotine shots to increase the nicotine strength of this e-juice.


Stumps 1960 Pops has a nice packaging design. Like all of Charlie Chalk Dust e-liquids, it is available in a 100-ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. There is a simple label on the bottle. You will find the usual branding and all the other information that you expect to find on an e-liquid label like the product name, the VG/PG ratio, and a brief description of the flavor.


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The Charlie Chalk Dust Stump line includes four different e-juice flavors namely Stumps B, Stumps Rhino, Stumps Pops, and Stumps Don. Each one is unique and gives you a fantastic vaping experience. If you’re a flavor chaser, you can experiment by mixing the flavors to create something new.

Charlie Chalk Dust is an award-winning e-juice company based in Orange County, California. The company pride itself in creating high-quality vape juices which are sold at affordable prices. Stumps 1960 Pops is a must-try. I highly recommend this e-juice.