Two of my favorite things in this world are a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and a roll of tobacco. Now I can enjoy both coffee and tobacco at the same time. Yes, you can enjoy these two timeless flavors in e-juice form with Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless Vapor. This e-liquid has a rich and well-rounded flavor. You will want to indulge in it from the moment that you taste it.

Flavor Description

Whether you love coffee or tobacco, this e-liquid is sure to blow you away. The flavor of this vape liquid will stimulate your palate. You can vape this e-liquid in the morning in place of your coffee. You can also vape it in the afternoon and evening as if you’re enjoying a fine cigar. Coffee Tobacco e-liquid will certainly make your day.

You won’t appreciate this Ruthless Vapor e-juice until you taste it. On the inhale, the coffee and tobacco flavor fills your mouth. This vape juice gives the impression of drinking a freshly brewed coffee while puffing on a Cuban cigar. This is an e-juice that you’ll want to vape every day. The taste doesn’t get boring even when you chain vape on it for a long time.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of the Coffee Tobacco e-juice is 70/30. This e-liquid will give you plenty of clouds of vapor. Cloud chasers will be fond of this e-liquid. You can smell the distinct coffee and tobacco flavor in the air when vaping Coffee Tobacco.

Ruthless Vapor pre-steeps its e-liquids (including Coffee Tobacco) before they are shipped to buyers. This means you can start vaping this e-liquid as soon as you get it. If you are not satisfied with how it tastes, do not hesitate to steep it again. Some e-liquids need a little bit of time to steep properly. This e-liquid will develop a dark amber tinge after you leave it to steep.

Nicotine Concentration

Coffee Tobacco e-liquid by Ruthless Vapor is available with several nicotine strength levels. You can choose either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12 mg of nicotine. Vapers who want a mild throat hit will appreciate the 3 mg version. You will get a more intense throat hit from the 6 mg version. Now if you want a very strong throat hit, you are better off going for the 12 mg version.

You would also be interested in this e-liquid’s throat kick. The 3 mg will only give you a minor throat kick while the 12 mg has a strong one. Regardless of the nicotine strength level that you choose, Coffee Tobacco vapes smoothly. You will not feel any harshness in your throat when vaping it.

Packing Design

All Ruthless Vapor e-liquids have a simple and elegant packaging design. Coffee Tobacco comes in a clear glass bottle with a black childproof dropper cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Ruthless Vapor logo and some other information about the product like the nicotine concentration, bottle size, VG/PG ratio, and more. The dropper cap is useful when refilling your tank or dripper.


Ruthless Vapor made the Coffee Tobacco e-juice for vapers who want the good old taste of real tobacco leaves. This e-juice will arouse your taste buds. It is recommended for vapers who are making the switch from smoking to vaping or for those who want an e-juice with a familiar flavor.

You can get Coffee Tobacco and other Ruthless Vapor e-liquids from just about any top online or physical vape store. You can get a 60 ml bottle of Coffee Tobacco for only $17.99 at the Smoking Things online store. This store is known to provide excellent customer service and quick delivery of orders.