There are numerous companies manufacturing and selling e-liquids. The vaper is always the end-user, but that must not always be the case. If you are not satisfied with the e-liquid flavors on the market or you are struggling to find a particular flavor, then why don’t you just make it. But it is not as simple as you may think. Anyone can make an e-juice; for some, it may be trial and error while others may hit a home-run on their first attempt.

The plus side to making your e-juice is that you get to save up a whole lot of money. Once you start making your e-juice, chances are that if you like it, you will spend more time making them better and trying out new things.

A Beginners Guide to DIY Vape Juice

Before you start creating DIY vape juice, you will need to do a little research so you can get your measurements right. Therefore, when you begin mixing the ingredients, you can easily calculate your ratios without any difficulties. It will take a few tries and a lot of experimentation to eventually get the formula just the way you want it.

When creating vape juice, you will need to put together a few things like the bottle, liquids, nicotine, flavor, and accessories like syringes and gloves. The syringe will allow you to measure and add in just the right amount of ingredients that you need. Make sure to wear gloves when you mix to protect yourself from the nicotine. This is because nicotine can be absorbed into the body through your skin.

Once you have gotten your formula and measurements correct, you can proceed to mix. Even if it does not taste right on your first try, do not give up. It may take only a few tries. Making an e-liquid is a lot of work, but in the end, the satisfaction is worth it.

In the mix, you must be careful with the nicotine. You might even want to pick up diluted nicotine to use in the mixture because not only does nicotine have a strong flavor that can easily change the taste of the e-juice, it is also poisonous when used in high concentrations. Make sure not to use too much nicotine because you will find it hard to dilute the final product. The most common desired amount is 3mg of nicotine.

A Beginners Guide to DIY Vape Juice

You will need to add in Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), just make sure they are USP grade. This part of the mixture depends on how sweet you want your e-juice to be, and the amount of vapor you want it to be able to produce. VG has a thicker consistency than PG and is sweet. It also affects the size of vape clouds the e-juice is able to create. PG, on the other hand, creates a stronger throat hit and is responsible for bringing out the flavor of your vape juice. So if you enjoy big the clouds while vaping, then you should add in more VG instead of PG. However, for an e-juice that will give you an intense throat hit, a MAX PG blend is a better choice.

Mixing your flavors is the last thing you need to do. This is where you need to get your creative juices flowing because there are different kinds of mixtures that you can even stumble on that will result in a remarkable vape experience. You can even check out sites like Ejuice Deals to check out e-juice flavors on the market for inspiration.

Once you are done, you can give it a quick go. Some e-juices will need to be steeped for some time to enhance the flavor. Steeping is usually important in DIY vape juices. Steeping time may differ from e-juice to e-juice. To steep your e-juice, just put the bottle of the liquid in a dark closet for two weeks to a month, and make sure it is away from sunlight. If you want better results, you can shake the bottle vigorously every day or two until the steeping period is exhausted.

There is an entire community of vapers who are into DIY vape juice. You will find lots of forums online where you can get useful tips and tricks on how to create the best vape juice flavors.