Vaping has given a lot of people with an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The best part about vaping is that a vaper has an option to customize their vaping experience. A person can customize the level of nicotine, flavor, and power of the vaping device to get the maximum flavor experience and satisfaction.

If you are just getting started to vape and want to shoot up your vaping game to the next level, DIY vaping is the way to go. Making your very own vape e-juice gives you the opportunity and freedom to express your DIY creativity. It also allows you to exert complete control over your vaping experience.

Many vapers get intimidated about venturing into DIY vaping because it needs a lot of equipment and an understanding of chemistry. This is where an e-liquid flavoring kit comes in.  A DIY vape juice kit can make you a mixing pro overnight. A DIY starter kit enables you to create your own e-liquid like a proficient without memorizing complex calculations.  

If you want to learn how to make your own vape juice, I recommend that you first get yourself an e-liquid flavoring kit. The only thing you will be required to do is choose your desired base, the strength of nicotine and flavor extracts.

For you to make your own e-juice there are several things that your DIY e-liquid flavoring kit must have. They include:

  • An electronic scale that can measure as low as 0.01g
  • Storage bottles to store your supplies
  • E-juice bottles to store your e-liquids
  • Bottles that have droppers for precise nicotine measurement
  • Syringes for measuring different volumes of VG/PG, nicotine and flavor concentrate.
  • Gloves to protect your hands from nicotine spill    
  • Labels to easily identify ingredients
  • Ingredients to make your e-liquids including VG/PG, flavors and nicotine

Most vape companies supplying DIY starter kits will send you the kit containing cylinders, syringes, needles, beakers, adhesive labels, base liquid (PG/VG), flavor concentrates to flavor your e-liquid and other DIY vape mixing equipment.

Some vendors may add nicotine as an optional extra. Others may also include a DIY vape juice mixing guide. This occurs rarely because many vape companies have a mixing guide published online on their resource page or blog.

After gathering all the e-liquid flavoring kit supplies, you can identify an interesting e-liquid recipe and proceed to make your DIY vape juice and customize it as your skills improve.

If you would prefer to receive all your DIY vape supplies in one package, there are a lot of vendors out there who can supply you with a well-equipped starter DIY e-liquid flavoring kit. Most starter kits come with the basic equipment and ingredients you will require to get started.

Most DIY vape starter kits are equipped with supplies for mixing by volume. They also include syringes of various volumes together with other essential DIY e-juice ingredients. Maybe you are unsure between mixing by volume or by weight. We recommend that you get your e-liquid flavoring kit and a digital scale. This will allow you to try both methods and settle for the one that works best for you. If for any reason you had already decided to mix by weight, it will not hurt to get the DIY starter kit. With DIY vaping, chances are you will require all supplies contained in the starter kit in the future.      

If you feel that the flavors in the starter kit are too basic for you, we recommend that you use e-liquid flavors from top-rated vape companies like Flavorah, Capella, Flavor West, Inawera, The Flavor Apprentice, and FlavorArt among others.