Are you looking for a perfect sweet strawberry-flavored disposable vape pod? Then Vapo – STRAWBERRY by VaporTech is the right choice. It is a popular disposable salt nicotine device with 6% salt nicotine by volume. This portable disposable pod delivers an excellent taste of strawberry that certainly satisfies your fruit cravings from the very first draw. Vapo Strawberry comes with 3 pods in a pack. You can have around 280 puffs per pod before you run out of juice. Its slim and sleek design makes it convenient to carry while you travel. It is very easy to use and fits perfectly in your hands. You can use it discreetly. Unbox the package and just start inhaling that is all you have to do to start vaping, no need to think about charging the battery or refill the tank.

Vapo Strawberry by VaporTech is draw activated, so just inhale on the mouthpiece whenever you need to activate the product. There are no special settings, buttons, and not require any training to operate this device. It can be disposed of after it is drained out of the battery. This maintenance-free device can deliver the flavor and nicotine hit that you are desperately looking for. Each pod contains a 1.2ml of vape juice that is enough for a few sessions, according to your vaping habits. The pods can’t be refilled. As you inhale, your mouth will be filled with sweet strawberry flavored vapors. The delicious taste of the flavors will certainly tempt your taste bud to beg for more. The strawberry flavor explodes in your mouth on exhale too. This salt nicotine based vape pod delivers massive throat hits that are truly delicious.

Vapo Strawberry by VaporTech is an effective way to stop cigarette smoking and make sure that you won’t go back to smoking again. It is smooth on the throats and will not create any throat issues after vaping. This pinky-sized device is white and has an ash-colored lining at the bottom. The battery comes full charge and ready to use. There is a battery indicator LED at the bottom of the device. The LED light glows whenever you take a draw. Two airflow holes are also provided at the bottom. This device is perfect for both newbies and seasoned vapers alike.

VaporTech is popular manufacture of premium quality vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and e-liquids in the United States. Their products are of premium quality and are widely acclaimed around the world. All their products are available online for sale at affordable prices. In addition to Strawberry, VaporTech disposable pos are available in a wide range of flavors including Mango, Blue Raspberry, Summer Menthol, Kiwi, Grape, Melon, and Peach. VaporTech Vapo – Strawberry (3 pods per pack) is available for sale at Vaportech USA at a ground-breaking price of $19.99. Vaportech USA offers free delivery services to all states in the US. Delivery services are handled by USPS. All the orders received before 2 pm (MST) will be shipped out on the same day and those received after 2 pm will be shipped on the next day.