If pets votes count during the presidential election, guess whom they will vote for? Of course, the person that takes good care of their health. And if the person that gives them Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats, you can bet the person would be president. The CBD oil tincture is an easy-to-use solution for different ailments that may be plaguing your pet. It is easy to determine the right dosage for your pet using Penelope’s Bloom dosage instructions.

This Penelope’s Bloom  CBD oil for pets is all-natural and completely safe for your pet. The product comes with different concentration levels depending on the weight of your pet.

1. 250mg for pets under 30 pounds

2. 500mg for pets from 30 to 90 pounds

3. 750mg for pets from 90 to 120 pounds

4. 1000mg for pets over 120 pounds

Penelope’s Bloom CBD Tincture Oil for Pets is made with three different ingredients that will keep your pet happy, healthy, and cheerful.

It can be painful to see your best friend in disarray and sad. It is most disheartening when you find out that no amount of pat on the head of your friend can bring back its normal health condition and make it wag its tail. With Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats, your sick dog will come back to life and make your home a lively one without the help of any veterinary doctor.

One of the benefits of using the natural CBD oil tincture for your dog is that it is very affordable. Penelope’s Bloom delivers quality products at bargain prices. The company offers free delivery if your order is over $50 and when you subscribe to their site you will be granted a % 15 off of whatever you buy!

The three ingredients in Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture for Pets are Chamomile Oil, MCT oil, and Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil. These three ingredients are combined to create a safe, natural product for your pet.

This tincture comes in a glass bottle with a dropper cap. All you need is to put one full dropper of this oil under your pet’s tongue. You can also mix it with your pet’s food/drinks.